Week 1 Rankings – WR

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WR – Opponent in Parenthesis

1. Calvin Johnson (NYG) – I dare anyone to try to argue.

2. Demaryius Thomas (IND) – *Quick Google search to see if Peyton Manning is starting this week* Results: yes.

3. Dez Bryant (SF) – His peak has yet to come, and what better way to start that season than against a decimated Niners defense.

4. A.J. Green (@BAL) – Even though the Bengals plan to run the ball more this year, Green will still be a consistent visitor to the top 5 in my rankings.

5. Julio Jones (NO) – Was on pace for an outstanding season before he got hurt in 2013. Week 1 is a great test against a Rob Ryan coached defense to see what Jones can do coming off injury.

6. Antonio Brown (CLE) – Joe Haden and Brown will go at it all game long, but the Steelers offense has a chance to put up some points this year. Brown will be a big part of that.

7. Brandon Marshall (BUF) – Until Jeffery supplants Marshall as the number one target in Chicago, Marshall edges him out in my ranks.

8. Alshon Jeffery (BUF) – Everyone has been blowing smoke up his ass all offseason, let’s see if he can deliver for a second year in a row.

9. Jordy Nelson (@SEA) – If you start him, just know that the Legion of Boom awaits.

10. Emmanuel Sanders (IND) – Not only is Eric Decker gone, but so is Wes Welker.

11. Vincent Jackson (CAR) – Now with Mike Evans lined up across, smaller corners (and defensive coordinator big or small) will have nightmares.

12. Keenan Allen (@ARI) – Only A.J. Green and Julio Jones have had as productive of a rookie season in recent memory.

13. Percy Harvin (GB) – Might as well start him while he’s healthy.

14. Cordarrelle Patterson (@STL) – The Rams front 4 may be deadly, but their secondary is questionable at best.

Wait a second...

The Reincarnation

15. Michael Crabtree (@DAL) – Kaepernick’s favorite target against the worst defense the Niners will see all year.

16. Victor Cruz (@DET) – The new West Coast offense that the Giants will run is tailor-made for Cruz. Now let’s see if they can execute.

17. Andre Johnson (WSH) – Hopefully Ryan Fitzpatrick can use his Ivy League degree and figure out that he needs to throw to Andre early and often.

18. Pierre Garcon (@HOU) – Will RGIII have enough time to get the ball downfield? Clowney and Watt will let us know early.

19. Jeremy Maclin (JAC) – I expect a big game from Maclin as he fills DeSean Jackson’s shoes for the first time.

20. DeSean Jackson (@HOU) – Speaking of…

21. Larry Fitzgerald (SD) – The Chargers secondary upgraded with Brandon Flowers this offseason but still leaves much to be desired.

22. Michael Floyd (SD) – While Flowers locks down Fitzgerald, guess who he’s not locking down.

23. Roddy White (NO) – No one is excited about having Roddy White on their fantasy team, but he just might be one of those players that secretly helps you win your league.

24. Torrey Smith (CIN) – Every year we expect him to truly breakout. I’m done waiting, but he’s still a solid option as a WR2.

25. Julian Edelman (@MIA) – Once again, Edelman will see plenty of targets in the Patriots offense this season.

26-30. Mike Wallace, Eric Decker, Marques Colston, T.Y. Hilton, Reggie Wayne

31-35. DeAndre Hopkins, Terrance Williams, Golden Tate, Kendall Wright, Brandin Cooks

36-40. Sammy Watkins, Riley Cooper, Markus Wheaton, Justin Hunter, Anquan Boldin