Week 1 Rankings – RB

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RB – Opponent In Parenthesis

1. LeSean McCoy (JAC) – If McCoy can run for over 2,000 yards this year, that would probably be the second most impressive thing I’ve seen him do.

2. Jamaal Charles (TEN) – The best running back in fantasy from a season ago gets a cozy matchup against the Titans in week 1.

3. Adrian Peterson (@STL) – Well are they going to let Matt Cassel throw the ball?

4. Marshawn Lynch (GB) – I expect Lynch to have a great game in week 1, but his production will decline in the ensuing weeks due to overuse the past three seasons. Think of a graph with a negative slope, math nerds.

5. Montee Ball (IND) – Over the past two years that Peyton Manning has been in Denver, the Broncos have run more running plays inside the opponents 5 yard line than any other team in football.

No more Knowshon

No more Knowshon

6. Matt Forte (BUF) – Buffalo’s defense is sneaky good, but don’t underestimate Forte’s skill just because he’s been around the block a few times either.

7. Arian Foster (WSH) – Enough said.

8. Frank Gore (@DAL) – The Cowboys’ defense might be better off trotting literal cowboys out there to stop the Niners.

9. Zac Stacy (MIN) – Well are they going to let Shaun Hill throw the ball?

10. Giovani Bernard (@BAL) – Cutting Benjarvus Green-Ellis opens up many more goal-line carries for Bernard.

11. Eddie Lacy (@SEA) – Normally a top 10 back, Lacy falls just outside that ranking due to his opponent

12. Alfred Morris (@HOU) – Morris is key to taking off pressure from RGIII all season long. Tough test from a hungry Texans team in week 1.

13. Andre Ellington (SD) – Bruce Arians says he’s going to get 25-30 touches per game. Let’s check back Monday and see if he’s telling the truth.

14. Le’Veon Bell (CLE) – Mike Tomlin says he’s going to get 20-25 touches per game. Let’s check back Monday and see if he’s telling the truth.

15. Demarco Murray (SF) – Despite various injuries and suspensions, the 49ers’ run D is one of the best in the business

16. Shane Vereen (@MIA) – Don’t be surprised if Vereen is one of the Patriots’ top pass catchers this week and this season.

17. C.J. Spiller (@CHI) – The Bears were last against the run in 2013.



18. Doug Martin (CAR) – It’s going to be a long Sunday for Martin as he has to face that fearless Carolina front seven

19. Toby Gerhart (@PHI) – I’m down on Gerhart this year, but he should get enough touches to exploit an Eagle’s defense that leaves much to be desired in terms of stopping the run.

20. Ben Tate (@PIT) – What are they going to do, let Brian Hoyer throw the ball?

21. Reggie Bush (NYG) – Note to Reggie and his parents: Don’t look down.

22. Joique Bell (NYG) – I told you to not look down! Joique Bell is creeping up the depth chart faster than Reggie Bush’s speed on Punt Returns at USC.

23. Rashad Jennings (@DET) – Despite being 29 years old, Jennings has much less miles on him than the average RB of that age.

24. Ryan Matthews (@ARI) – There’s a gaping hole in the middle of the field where Daryl Washington’s suspended ghost still hangs around.

25. Chris Johnson (OAK) – If the Raiders cant stop having fights at practice, how are they going to stop an opposing RB?

26-30. Bernard Pierce, Stevan Ridley, Lamar Miller, Pierre Thomas, Fred Jackson

31-35. Trent Richardson, Bishop Sankey, Maurice Jones-Drew, Steven Jackson, Chris Ivory

35-40. Danny Woodhead, Knowshon Moreno, Shonn Greene, Mark Ingram, Darren Sproles