Week 1 Rankings – QB

With the season kicking off tomorrow, the weekly rankings are finally back! This post does not portray how I feel about certain players over the course of the season, rather just how I view they’ll perform compared to the rest of the league in the given week.

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QB – Opponent in Parenthesis

1. Peyton Manning (IND) – In Peyton’s last two September’s, he has thrown 24 touchdowns to only 3 interception. Don’t bet against him… during the regular season anyways.

2. Drew Brees (@ATL) – The Falcons will be healthier this season, but Brees will still be able to take advantage of an Atlanta Linebacking Corps that only Hard Knocks followers will be able to recognize.

3. Colin Kaepernick (@DAL) – Name three players on the Cowboys defense that aren’t injured or suspended.

Bruce A Mighty (See: Tattoo)

Bruce A Mighty

4. Matthew Stafford (NYG) – The Giants brought in 40 new players this offseason. 40!! While not all made the team, time will be needed to produce cohesion on the defense.

5. Andrew Luck (@DEN) – Could we see a passing of the baton if Luck beats Manning on Sunday Night Football?

6. Nick Foles (JAC) – An Eagles offense that scares everyone is a mighty fine option against a Jaguars defense that scares no one.

7. Aaron Rodgers (@SEA) – It’s called the Legion of Boom for a reason. Don’t be surprised if Rodgers struggles early and often tomorrow night.

8. Tom Brady (@MIA) – Gronk may only play limited snaps, but if those snaps come in the redzone then Brady’s efficiency will skyrocket.

Besides, who doesn't want a tough guy like this on their fantasy team?

Besides, who doesn’t want a tough guy like this on their fantasy team?

9. Jay Cutler (BUF) – Everyone on this side of Peyton Manning is crying for the weapons that Cutler has.

10. Tony Romo (SF) – Early in the season is the time to take advantage of a depleted 49ers defense.

First Five Out: Russell Wilson, Cam Newton, Phillip Rivers, Matt Ryan, Robert Griffin III