Opening Day MLB Power Rankings

It’s baaack. After a seemingly endless offseason that started with Mike Napoli running shirtless and drunk down Newbury Street and finished with monster extensions for Miguel Cabrera and Mike Trout, opening day is finally here. Without further ado, here are FSLR’s first Power Rankings of the season, with many more to come.


1. Boston Red Sox – Defending champs until somebody knocks them off, right?

2. St. Louis Cardinals – Possibly the deepest pitching staff in the league

3. Los Angeles Dodgers – On paper, the most talented team in baseball

4. Tampa Bay Rays – 3rd lowest payroll, 4th best team

5. Detroit Tigers – The best hitter in the MLB resides in Motown, masking any and all fielding deficiencies

6. Washington Nationals – Strausberg, Herper, and a plethora of young talent

7. Oakland Athletics – The Jarrod Parker loss stings, but the A’s are deep enough to recover

8. Cincinnati Reds – Votto is an annual MVP candidate

9. Pittsburgh Pirates – The most forward-thinking team also has the reigning NL MVP

10. Texas Rangers – Their lineup is loaded, but their pitching staff leaves much to be desired, especially with Yu Darvish injured

11. New York Yankees – They spent gobs of cash in the offseason, yet their infield is still the worst in baseball

12. Atlanta Braves – Bitten hard by the injury bug (Bye-Bye Beachy and Medlin) but still have a dangerous team

13. Baltimore Orioles – Deep lineup, suspect pitching staff. Ubaldo Jimenez signing should help

14. Kansas City Royals – Trendy sleeper pick, still needs to prove themselves

15. San Francisco Giants – Can the signings of Tim Hudson and Michael Morse make up for a tumultuous 2013?

16. Los Angeles Angels – Potent lineup led by Trout, pitching rotation is lacking in a big way

17. Cleveland Indians – Danny Salazar has serious breakout potential, but he’ll need run support that he didn’t get last year

18. Arizona Diamondbacks – Paul Goldschmidt is a legit MVP candidate

19. Colorado Rockies – They have the potential to be a sleeper playoff team, yet they also may totally implode

20. Toronto Blue Jays – Can their big signings from last year finally stay healthy?

21. Milwaukee Brewers – Ryan Braun is back and Jean Segura/Carlos Gomez will be nice compliments. But I have my reservations about the rotation

22. San Diego Padres – Andrew Cashner has potential star written all over him

23. New York Mets – The loss of Matt Harvey cannot be understated, but this lineup will be much improved

24. Seattle Mariners – Is adding Robinson Cano really enough to make the playoffs?

25. Chicago White Sox – Chris Sale is a Cy Young candidate and Jose Abreu might mash 30 homers, but I don’t see enough talent to make a deep run

26. Miami Marlins – With a relatively deep farm system, the Marlins are slowly but surely turning things around

27. Philadelphia Phillies – This team refuses to rebuild and it will bite them hard this year

28. Chicago Cubs – Young talent is abundant, but they won’t be relevant this year

29. Minnesota Twins – Injuries to top prospects Miguel Sano and Byron Buxton damper the tiny sliver of hope that was in Minnesota

30. Houston Astros – Who else?