Instant Impressions: Midwest Region

1. Wichita St vs. 16. CP/TXSO

-Again, no 1 seed has ever lost to a 16. Wichita State is undefeated and Cal Poly has a losing record. You do the Math.

2. Michigan vs. 15. Wofford

-Michigan misses out on a 1 seed but still has an excellent chance to end up in the final four.

3. Duke vs. 14. Mercer

-Jabari Parker is having a sensational season but Mercer has 5 Seniors in their starting lineup and big guys that can give Duke problems down low.

4. Louisville vs. 13. Manhattan

-WHAT!?! Louisville is a 4 seed?? They could easily be seeded as a number 1 or 2. This could be the greatest 4 seed in history.

5. Saint Louis vs. 12. NCST/Xavier

-Saint Louis has been sliding quickly, but neither of these 12 seeds are extremely frightening.

6. Massachusetts vs. 11. Iowa/Tenn

-Upset Alert: Iowa and Tennessee are both more talented thatn UMASS. The winner of the play-in game has a great chance at an upset.

7. Texas vs. 10 Arizona St

-ASU scores much easier than Texas does, but Texas is quite athletic.

8. Kentucky vs. 9. Kansas St

-The Wildcats face off against the Wildcats in the first round here. Kentucky just played Florida (the best team in the country) very tough and Kansas St. has been slipping lately.