49 Things You Must Know for the 48th Super Bowl

Most sites only give you 48 facts because it is of course only the 48th Super Bowl. We one-upped them. All of these facts are true even though some are more relevant than others…

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1. In the previous 47 Super Bowl coin tosses, Heads has prevailed 24 times while Tails sits close behind at 23.

2. On the entire Seahawks roster, not a single player has played in a Super Bowl before.

3. Teams are 2-5 in Super Bowls when no player has played in the game before (since Super Bowl II).

4. The singer of the National Anthem is an Opera singer and got her first gig in a Seattle Opera house.

5. Snoop Dog (Lion?) coaches youth football in Los Angeles and will have a prominent role in this game as one of his former players, Ronnie Hillman (Broncos RB) will suit up for Denver.

6. If the Broncos win, then Peyton Manning will tie his brother for number of Super Bowl wins in the same stadium that his brother plays home games. 

7. Richard Sherman finished Stanford with a 3.9 GPA.

8. Paul Allen, Seattle Seahawks owner, is worth an estimated $15.8 billion. Pat Bowlen, Denver Broncos owner, is worth a measly $1.6 billion.

9. If Peyton Manning wins, he will be the first starting quarterback to do so as a member of two different teams

10. The Broncos are wearing their home orange jerseys in the game. They lost their three previous Super Bowls in orange by a combined score of 124 to 30. The Broncos are 9-1 in orange this season.

11. The team wearing their away white jersey’s are 29-18 all time in Super Bowls. The Seahawks will be wearing white on Sunday.

12. Peyton Manning had the best selling jersey in the NFL the season. Russell Wilson was second. Aaron Hernandez was last.

13. A thirty second commercial costs $4 million during Super Bowl XLVIII. Russell Wilson’s 2014 salary was $526,217.

14.  A 30-second commercial costed about $40,000 during the first Super Bowl. 

15. Vegas sports books have lost money only twice in the past 23 Super Bowls.

16. There are expected to be 48 million take out pizzas delivered and 1.25 billion wings eaten on Super Bowl Sunday.

17. Manning is the only player on either team that has won a Super Bowl. 

18. Seahawks Fullback Derrick Coleman is legally deaf.

19. The top-scoring offense in the league has made the Super Bowl 18 times before, going 10-8. The Broncos were the top scoring team in the league this year.

20. The top scoring defense has made the Super Bowl 15 times, going 12-3. Seattle gave up the fewest points in the league this season.

21. When Seattle are underdogs (since 2011) they have covered the spread a whopping 17 times (out of 21). Denver is favored in this game.

22. Russell Wilson will have his own customized football as each Super Bowl game ball says “Wilson” on the front.

23. Peyton Manning is 0-4 over the course of his career during playoff games which kickoff at 40 degrees Fahrenheit or below.

24. Russell Wilson was 9 years old when Peyton Manning was drafted.

25. These two teams played in the pre-season with Seattle winning 40-10.

26. Richard Sherman hasn’t allowed a reception in the postseason.

27. Wes Welker averages 9 receptions per Super Bowl, the most ever. (Must have played in 2 or more Super Bowls)

28. The Super Bowl will be televised live in more than 180 countries and territories in more than 25 languages

29. It can cost as much as $1 million to sit in a luxury box during the Super Bowl. Again, Russell Wilson’s 2014 salary was $526,217.

30. If the Seahawks win, Pete Carroll will become just the third ever coach to win a Super Bowl and an NCAA Championship. (although his 2004 title win at USC was vacated due to rule violations)

31. In the past 14 years, the city with the smaller population has won the Super Bowl 10 times (71.4 percent).

32. Denver has a slightly smaller population than Seattle.

33. The designated “away” team  has won the last 7 Super Bowls.

34. The Seahawks are the designated away team for Super Bowl XLVIII.

35. Doug Williams (African American QB) was the Super Bowl MVP the year Russell Wilson was born. Wilson has a chance to become the first African American quarterback to win since.

36. Coincidentally, or maybe not, the only states to legalize Marijuana in the USA have their respective teams playing in the Super Bowl.

37. Each player on the winning team in Super Bowl XLVIII will receive $92,000. Each losing player gets $46,000. Peyton Manning made over $800,000 per week during the regular season.

38. No Super Bowl has ever gone into over time.

39. Quarterbacks have won 26 of the 47 previous Super Bowl MVP trophies. Next are running backs (7), wide receivers (6), defensive players (6) and a kick returner (1).

40. The Vince Lombardi Trophy weighs 6.7 pounds, making it lighter than an “Oscar”.

41. The “Madden Simulation” predicted the Broncos to win.

42. The Broncos averaged 117 rushing yards per game this year.

43. Demaryius Thomas, Wes Welker, Eric Decker, Julius Thomas, and Knowshon Moreno all had more than 60 receptions this year.

44. Only one member of the Seahawks managed more than 60 catches this year (Golden Tate, 64).

45. Backup quarterbacks Tarvaris Jackson and Brock Osweiler combined to throw 29 passes this year.

46. Neither starting quarterback played in the NFL during the 2011 season.

47. The Denver Broncos have the anagram “Be Corn Vendors.” While the Seattle Seahawks have “Athletes Weak Ass.”

48. Andre Caldwell (Broncos receiver) caught 16 times as many passes as Percy Harvin in 2013.

49. Richard Sherman had 8 interceptions this season. The entire Broncos team playing in this game had 11.