Don’t Look Now, but Here Come the Nets

Just over a week ago, Nets head coach Jason Kidd reassigned Lawrence Frank from the assistant coach position to filling out daily scouting reports. Talking heads around the league concurred that Frank was being portrayed as the fall-guy for Brooklyn’s 5-14 start.

It wasn’t going to be Jason Kidd – he was too new on the job and was just feeling things out. It couldn’t be the veterans in the starting lineup – they still weren’t healthy at the same time for a solid stretch of games yet.

So Lawrence Frank was the perfect guy to take the heat, right?

Well, yes and no.

Franks’ absence, or more accurately lack of presence, from the Nets’ bench has definitely been a positive. It allows Jason Kidd to implement his own system, especially on defense, and the players have certainly bought in.


“We have a new system,” Kevin Garnett said following the 30-point loss to the Knicks last week. “We’re changing things on the fly. Jason has been putting in a lot of new stuff since [assistant coach Lawrence Frank] has left.”

Since then? Brooklyn has won three straight, including a 9 point victory over the Clippers last night.

But Kidd’s system and Frank’s departure aren’t the only reasons for this sudden turn around. Health has played an even bigger role.

Deron Williams and Paul Pierce missed extended time with injuries, but both are finally back on the court together, and it’s making a noticeable difference. Save for Brook Lopez’s minor ankle injury last night, things couldn’t be going better for the Nets right now.

Brooklyn now only trails Boston by 1 game in the Atlantic Division Standings, and if they keep up this pace, that division will be theirs to keep sooner rather than later.