Fantasy Takeaways from Week 14

With the exception of a Cowboys/Bears matchup tonight, week 14 is in the books. If you’re reading this article then that most likely means you’re still alive in the fantasy playoffs, and best of luck to you. Use these fascinating takeaways to help build on this weeks’ victory and work towards the ultimate goal of winning a championship.

Snow? What Snow?

LeSean McCoy and Jamaal Charles didn’t care, or maybe they just didn’t notice the blizzards going on during their respective games. On a day when AP hurt his ankle, these two studs certainly picked up the slack in terms of running back production. Shady McCoy rushed for a season high 217 yards while having to evade both Lions defenders and the abominable snowman for half the game. His 2 touchdowns were just icing on the cake of a 33 fantasy point day. Jamaal Charles managed a smooth 159 yards himself and had touchdowns using both methods of transportation: through the air and on the ground. FedEx would be proud.


Snow? Shit Snow.

That was the attitude held by MatthewStafford (and his need for a dome) and Robert Griffin III (and his need for an ACL/Coach/Defense). Playing in conditions that rivaled the great blizzard of [fill in whatever year had a big blizzard], Stafford laid an egg. Only the egg was smushed because it was the same color as the snow. His 5 fantasy points were by far the lowest of the year and the only time he failed to reach double-digits, thus giving major credibility to the case that the snow greatly impacted Stafford’s play. Meanwhile, RGIII was suffering from a completely different set
of circumstances. His knee doesn’t work right, his coach is going to get fired (possibly in the coming days or even hours), and his defense can’t stop a nose bleed. Combine those facts with an icy football field and it makes for a rough Sunday. Both QB’s woke up on the wrong side of the bed yesterday, but that won’t stop them from having big outings again in the future, especially if my (snow)man frosty isn’t involved.

Tanking Matters

We are now at a point in the NFL season where tanking plays a significant role. That’s not good news because while pro teams are jockeying for poll position in the upcoming draft, the rest of us still have fantasy games to win. Players on clubs like the Texans, Falcons, Bills, and Vikings have considerably less value because their teams want to lose and therefore will not get as much production from their stars. This means that players like Matt Ryan, Tony Gonzalez, Stevie Johnson, Greg Jennings, and Ben Tate are all benchable. Take tanking seriously. It happens.