The Hail Mary, Week 6

The Hail Mary is a weekly article that will try to find you the best deep sleepers for that particular week. Use these guys if you’re desperate and need a “Hail Mary” for the week to win your league. Without further ado…

1. Montee Ball, RB, Broncos – The highly touted Wisconsin running back has been extremely disappointing so far this season. Knowshon Moreno has clearly taken the Broncos starting RB job and wont be giving it up any time soon. However, this Sunday is different. With Denver facing off against Jacksonville, I anticipate the Broncos being up by upwards of 20 by halftime which means lots of mop-up duty for Ball. If he shows he can be productive in a small role like this, then look for the Broncos to give him more chances as the year progresses.

Have a Ball, kid.

Have a Ball, kid.

2. Jerricho Cotchery, WR, Steelers – This is reaching way down into the depths of the free agent pool, but it could pay serious dividends. The Pittsburgh offense is much different than years past because they can’t run the ball at all. Because of that, Ben Roethlisberger is throwing the ball all over the place, and one of the main, yet unexpected, beneficiaries of that so far has been Cotchery. He is on pace for 992 yards and 8 touchdowns this season which are very respectable numbers. Against a Jets defense this week that allows just 2.9 yards per carry, expect the Steelers to dial up the pass once again, and look for Cotchery to have a nice game.

3. Vincent Brown, WR, Chargers – After a disappointing start to the season, Brown has somewhat gotten back on track recently. In his past two games he has been targeted 17 times which is a very good indicator for future production for a wide receiver. In a Monday Night Football game that figures to be a high scoring affair, I would not be surprised if Brown is able to find the end-zone to go along with his usual yardage production.

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