Week 4 Rankings – QB

Week 3 saw some crazy quarterback scenarios such as Tarvaris Jackson and Brian Hoyer outscoring guys like Colin Kaepernick and Eli Manning. Normally, the quarterback position is more predictable than that, and I expect a regression to the mean in week 4. Without further ado…

*Week 4 byes: Packers, Panthers

QB (Opponent in Parenthesis)

1. Peyton Manning (PHI) – When you are the starting quarterback on a team that is averaging over 42 points per game, you’re going to be first overall.

2. Robert Griffin III (@OAK) – Call me crazy, but I like my chances against Oakland’s defense. Breakout week for RGIII.

Get ready for a lot of this on Sunday

Get ready for a lot of this on Sunday

3. Drew Brees (MIA) – After an uncharacteristically poor performance in week 2 against Tampa Bay, (he probably felt too much pressure from being 1st in my rankings) Brees bounced back to the tune of 31 fantasy points last week.

4. Tom Brady (@ATL) – Trust in his rookie receivers plus the addition of Gronk and possibly Amendola means a big day for Brady.

5. Michael Vick (@DEN) – Could get lots of fantasy point by playing catch-up to Peyton Manning all day.

This is what Vick will be playing against Denver

This is what Vick will be playing against Denver

6. Matthew Stafford (CHI) – Name a scary defense of these 3: Vikings, Cardinals, Redskins. You can’t name one. Expect Stafford to struggle more against the Bears more so than he has against his previous 3 opponents.

7. Colin Kaepernick (@STL) – Kaepernick is using hateful tweets as motivation. Do you think Kaepernick read my “Finer Details” column too? If he plays well tomorrow, I’ll take credit for igniting the fire within.

Call me a master motivator

Call me a master motivator

8. Tony Romo (@SD) – Name one bad thing you have heard about Romo this season. Exactly… he is quietly performing well.

9. Andrew Luck (@JAC) – Russell Wilson tore the Jags up last week, let’s see if Luck can do the same.

10. Matt Ryan (NE) – Matty Ice needs a win for his team more than fantasy points in this one.

First five out: Russell Wilson, Phillip Rivers, Alex Smith, E.J. Manuel, Eli Manning