Week 3 Fantasy Rankings (WR)

Wide receivers are the most inconsistent players week-to-week to fantasy football, but last Sunday featured some great performance from top-tier guys. After the Calvin Johnson’s and Brandon Marshall’s of the world, you never completely know what you’re going to get. Without further ado…

WR (Opponent in parenthesis)

1. Calvin Johnson (@WSH) – 3 straight weeks of the number 1 ranking, 13 more to go. (He does have a bye in week 9)

2. Dez Bryant (STL) – I think Bryant took it personally that I had him ranked 11th last week.

3. A.J. Green (GB) – He was slowed down all night against an underrated Steelers pass defense, but expect him to bounce back in week 3.

4. Demaryius Thomas (Oak) – Getting to play Oakland at home is like Christmas in September.

5. Julio Jones (@MIA) – Huge week last week, and with Roddy White still ailing, I expect similar results this Sunday.

6. DeSean Jackson (KC) – He has benefited exponentially from Chip Kelly’s offense. If he continues this pace, look for him to crack the top 5 next week.

7. Victor Cruz (@CAR) – Many thought Cruz would start slow this year because of an injury, but the opposite has happened.

8. Brandon Marshall (@PIT) – Did you see what the Steelers’ D did to A.J. Green last week?

9. Vincent Jackson (@NE) – New England’s defense is much improved, but there are still lots of yards to be had for Jackson.

10. Randall Cobb (@CIN) – This guy has big play potential every time he touches the ball

11. Jordy Nelson (@CIN) – Less explosive but more reliable than Cobb… pick your poison.

12. Andre Johnson (@BAL) – You have to worry about how effective he can be with the concussion he suffered last week.

13. Wes Welker (OAK) – There are lots of catches to be had against the Raiders defense.

14. Larry Fitzgerald (@NO) – Hasn’t practiced all week because of the hamstring injury that limited him last Sunday.

15. Steve Smith (NYG) – Look for him to breakout this week after a relatively poor first two games.

16. Mike Wallace (ATL) – He should have a field day against an Atlanta secondary that has allowed almost 350 passing yards per game this year.

17. Pierre Garçon (DET) – He put up 20 fantasy points last week and I would expect double digits again against a suspect Lions secondary.

18. Dwayne Bowe (@PHI) – Look for Bowe to reach the end-zone on Thursday night along with teammate Jamaal Charles.

19. Julian Edelman (TB) – This is a rough matchup against Tampa Bay’s secondary, but he’s still Brady’s best option to throw to so look for him to find creative ways to get the ball.

20. Hakeem Nicks (@CAR) – The Giants need a win, and Nicks should see a healthy amount of targets this week.