The Hail Mary, Week 2

The Hail Mary is a weekly article that will try to find you the best sleepers for that particular week. Use these guys if you’re desperate and need a “Hail Mary” for the week to win your league. Without further ado…

1. Brian Hartline, WR, Dolphins: I absolutely love Hartline this week; he even almost made the cut on the HOT list. Last week against the Browns, Hartline had 9 catches for 114 yards and a touchdown. He was also targeted 14 times which shows that Ryan Tannehill trusts him. With Mike Wallace getting double coverage everywhere he goes, Hartline will be open more often than not, which means more targets, catches, and touchdowns for Brian.

2. Marlon Brown, WR, Ravens: This sleeper is reaching way down into the abyss, but he could be a diamond in the rough. Brown is an undrafted rookie but also the number 2 receiver for Baltimore. Now pay close attention to this analogy, it could win you a game: Last week, the Dolphins played the Browns and Mike Wallace was matched up against pro-bowler Joe Haden all game long. The result? Number 2 receiver Brian Hartline had a career day with 17 fantasy points. Fast forward to this week: the Ravens are playing the Browns. Torrey Smith (an identical clone to Mike Wallace) will be facing coverage from Joe Haden all day. So who does Joe Flacco throw to? Number 2 receiver, Marlon Brown. Just a thought.

Screen Shot 2013-09-14 at 11.59.28 PM

3. E.J. Manuel, QB, Bills: Manuel quietly looked very impressive against New England’s defense last week, the same defense that made Geno Smith throw 3 interceptions just four days later. Manuel threw 2 touchdowns and no picks against the Pats, and almost led them to victory. The Bills play the Panthers this week, who figure to stop C.J. Spiller in his tracks, which means more opportunities to throw for Manuel. If you’re at the point of starting E.J. Manuel now, then all you can ask for are opportunities for him to throw.