Week 2 Fantasy Rankings (QB)

Week 2 is a huge week in fantasy football whether you won or lost last week. If you won, then week 2 gives you a chance to separate yourself from the pack and start thinking (mostly dreaming) about an undefeated season. If you lost last week, then week 2 provides you with the opportunity to catch up with everyone else and prove that you actually no what you’re doing. The path to victory always starts with your QB, make the smart choice here. Without further ado…

QB (Opponent in parenthesis)

1. Peyton Manning (@NYG) – How can this guy not be #1 after he had 46 fantasy points last week?

5? No Peyton, you're number 1 this week

5? No Peyton, you’re number 1 this week.

2. Aaron Rodgers (WSH) – 333 yards and 3 touchdowns against the Niners, now he gets to feast on Washington’s lackluster secondary.

3. Tom Brady (NYJ) – Against the Jets, I would start almost anyone.

4. Cam Newton (@BUF) – People need to stop freaking out about Cam… he was playing the Seahawks last week, everyone struggles against Seattle. Big week 2 for him.

5. Drew Brees (@TB) – Tampa Bay looked awful last week… Geno Smith even had a respectable day.

6. Matthew Stafford (@ARI) – The real matchup to watch here is Calvin Johnson vs. Patrick Peterson. Nevertheless, I foresee a monster day from Stafford.

7. Michael Vick (SD) – Maybe an over-reaction to week 1, but still… it’s hard not to be excited about this guy.

8. Colin Kaepernick (@SEA) – 125 passing yards, 38 rushing yards… those were Cam Newton’s numbers last week against Seattle. Just saying.

Notice anything different?

Notice anything different?

9. Matt Ryan (STL) – Disappointing start to week one, hopefully he gets back on track in week two, despite a less than 100% Roddy White.

10. Robert Griffin III (@GB) – He played much better in the second half last week when he shook off the rust. And did you see what Kaepernick did to Green Bay’s “defense”?