First half updates: Monday Night Football

Chip Kelly’s offense is insanely fast… and it works. On their first drive, the Eagles ran each play after an average of 19.4 seconds, with the fastest play coming just 12 seconds after the previous play was blown dead.

Alfred Morris has fumbled twice and can’t seem to get anything going on the ground against a better than expected Philly run-defense

DeSean Jackson and LeSean McCoy each have over 100 total yards and seem to be integral parts of the Eagles offense.

RGIII does not look himself. As you can see in the picture below, Griffin III throws to a receiver that is completely covered instead of just scrambling (shown by the blue line) for the easy first down. CB Brandon Boykin has the receiver covered all the way (shown by the red circle) and even though RGIII tries to lead his receiver (yellow lines), Boykin easily steps in front of the pass and picks it off. B.


-On the flip side, Michael Vick is on top of his game. On this 3rd down play, Vick throws a perfect pass to Brent Celek right in the middle of 4 defenders, but only where his receiver could get it (shown by the yellow circle). Also notice how the pocket collapses around Vick but he stands tall and still delivers a perfect pass for a touchdown.


-This graph shown by ESPN perfectly demonstrates how much more dominant the Eagles have been: