Week 1 Fantasy Rankings (WR)

Yes. It’s finally back. Remember reading all those articles about the NFL Combine in February? Mock Drafts/Free Agency in March? The Draft in April? OTA’s in May? Aaron Hernandez in June? (You should probably sit him this week) Training camps (and more Aaron Hernandez) in July? Preseason games/ACL tears in August? Well now the real games are back, and for the next 4 months, nothing is as important as your fantasy team. Without further ado…

This is Calvin Johnson, your number 1 fantasy wideout of 2013.

This is Calvin Johnson, your number one fantasy wideout of 2013. Click the picture to watch his highlights.


1. Calvin Johnson (MIN) – Jamarcus Russell was picked before him. Hopefully not in your fantasy draft

2. Dez Bryant (NYG) – Romo to Bryant is something you will hear a lot this year, especially against a weaker-than-normal Giants defense

3. Julio Jones (@NO) – Takes center stage in most likely the highest scoring game of the week

4. A.J. Green (@CHI) – If the Bengals are to be considered a Super Bowl contender, then Green needs to put up monster numbers every week… and he will

5. Brandon Marshall (CIN) – The Dolphins traded him for 2 third round picks and then signed Mike Wallace for $60 million. Hmmm…

6. Roddy White (@NO) – If Julio Jones has center stage, the Roddy White has stage left? I don’t know I’m not an actor

7. Demaryius Thomas (BAL) – What does he have in common with Calvin Johnson? They both went Georgia Tech, both are exactly 236 lbs, both are tall/physical receivers. The only difference is that Thomas is human and Johnson is a transformer

8. Larry Fitzgerald (@STL) – Carson Palmer threw for over 4,000 yards last year. Bruce Arians (New HC) threw the ball 63% of the time last year. Larry Fitzgerald will be a beneficiary from both of those numbers in 2013.

9. Vincent Jackson (@NYJ) – Can Clowney play cornerback too?

10. Danny Amendola (@BUF) – I bet you’ve never heard this one before, but Amendola is a similar player to Wes Welker. Shocker. However, Welker had 180 targets last year, Amendola should come close to that in 2013.

11. Andre Johnson (@SD) – A key piece to the Texans offense, Schuab will look to him early and often because who else will he look to?

12. Victor Cruz (@DAL) – Frankly, I could care less if Victor Cruz’s heal affects him on the football field. However, I need him to be able to Salsa dance because I picked him in the first round of my fantasy dancing league. My team is screwed

13. Pierre Garcon (PHI) – Cool stat: In games that Pierre Garcon played in last year, the Redskins were 9-1. He gets a terrible Philly secondary this week which should help his fantasy stats dramatically.

14. Reggie Wayne (OAK) – Wait but if Clowney is going to the Jets…

15. Randall Cobb (@SF) – Believe it or not, the 49ers secondary is not very good, Cobb could have a field day if he gets a chance

16. Marques Colston (ATL) – So now he’s stage right? Right?

17. Dwayne Bowe (@JAC) – Finally has a competent quarterback throwing him the ball (Alex Smith) and a coach that loves to air it out (Andy Reid). Combine that with the fact that the Chiefs play the Jaguars this week and you have a potential week 1 fantasy MVP.

18. Wes Welker (BAL) – Traitor.

19. Cecil Shorts (KC) – Blackmon is suspended 4 games which means Shorts has to wear the pants in the family that is the Jaguars receiving corps. At least until week 5.

20. Jordy Nelson (@SF) – Again, the Niners pass defense is suspect. If Nelson’s hip injury is fully healed, then expect big things.