Week 1 Fantasy Rankings (RB)

Yes. It’s finally back. Remember reading all those articles about the NFL Combine in February? Mock Drafts/Free Agency in March? The Draft in April? OTA’s in May? Aaron Hernandez in June? (You should probably sit him this week) Training camps (and more Aaron Hernandez) in July? Preseason games/ACL tears in August? Well now the real games are back, and for the next 4 months, nothing is as important as your fantasy team. Without further ado…

Everyone looks faster in orange. Lamar Miller, #16 on the week one rankings

Everyone looks faster in orange. Lamar Miller, #16 on the week one rankings


1. Adrian Peterson* – I’m not putting the team he’s playing against because it doesn’t matter, he’s the best running back in football

2. Doug Martin (@NYJ) – Too bad the Jets don’t have Clowney yet

3. Jamaal Charles (@JAC) – Andy Reid will give him the rock both on the ground and through the air: think Brian Westbrook

4. LeSean Mccoy (@WSH) – I’m a believer in Chip Kelly’s offense, if only because the Eagles will run more plays and that means more touches for Mccoy

5. Marshawn Lynch (@CAR) – Who was the leading tackler in the NFL last year? Luke Kuechly, linebacker for the Panthers. Doesn’t matter, Lynch eats skittles

6. Alfred Morris (PHI) – Eagles’ defense is still a mess

7. Trent Richardson (MIA) – He will get his touches, I guarantee you that

8. Stevan Ridley (@BUF) – Even though he spells his first name weird, the Patriots still ran the ball more times than anyone else in the league inside the opponents 5 yard-line last season

9. C.J. Spiller (NE) – Bills will be playing from behind and the Pats have a great run defense

10. Ray Rice (@DEN) – First top 10 running back to play, Bernard Pierce will steal touches

11. Arian Foster (@SD) – Will he be 100% healthy?

12. Steven Jackson (@NO) – Falcons vs. Saints will include lots of passes, not a lot of rushes

13. David Wilson (@DAL) – As you know by now, Andre Brown is hurt, Wilson gets most of, if not all of the carries this week

14. Reggie Bush (MIN) – Love this pickup for the Lions, perfect back for their scheme

15. Maurice Jones-Drew (KC) – Finally 100% healthy

16. Lamar Miller (@CLE) – Shhhh we have a sleeper in Miami. (read that last sentence again but whisper it in your mind and it will sound better)

17. Chris Johnson (@Pit) – CJ2K? CJ1.243K?

18. Matt Forte (CIN) – Should be interesting to see how new coach Marc Trestman uses him

19. Darren Sproles (ATL) – Will be involved in the passing game

20. Demarco Murray (NYG) – The Cowboys ran the ball the 2nd least in the NFL last season… that will change in 2013 if Murray can stay healthy

(*If you read this far then you deserve to know that Adrian Peterson plays the Lions this week)