Week 1 Fantasy Rankings (QB)

Yes. It’s finally back. Remember reading all those articles about the NFL Combine in February? Mock Drafts/Free Agency in March? The Draft in April? OTA’s in May? Aaron Hernandez in June? (You should probably sit him this week) Training camps (and more Aaron Hernandez) in July? Preseason games/ACL tears in August? Well now the real games are back, and for the next 4 months, nothing is as important as your fantasy team. Without further ado…

The number 1 ranked fantasy QB in week one.

The number 1 ranked fantasy QB in week one.


1. Drew Brees (ATL)  –  Reunited with Sean Payton for the first time and playing the Falcons in week 1, that game will be a shootout

2. Tom Brady (@Buffalo) – Name a player on the Bills’ secondary that isn’t hurt

3. Colin Kaepernick (GB) – Remember the last time Kaepernick played the Packers? Clay Mathews remembers

4. Matt Ryan (@NO) – The Saints will put up points, Falcons will match, Ryan will score

5. Aaron Rodgers (@SF) – He’s good at football.

6. Peyton Manning (BAL) – No Ray? No Reed? No Ellerbe? No Kruger? You get the idea.

7. Matthew Stafford (MIN) – Did you know there are a lot of QB’s named Matt? Stafford, Ryan, Cassel, Hasselback, Moore, Leinart, Schuab, Scott. *No fantasy correlation has been thought of…yet

8. Tony Romo (NYG) – Threw for 744 yards against the Giants in 2012

9. Andrew Luck (OAK) – He’s playing the Raiders, enough said

10. Robert Griffin III (PHI) – Operation Patience? Operation win my fantasy game because you play Monday night and I need you to carry me because the rest of my team sucked on Sunday?  Which one has the better ring to it?